Tanzania: Pastoralist Society Applauds TTU Project For Youth Sports Talents Empowerment

By Michael Sikapundwa, Mvomero

Tanzania Teachers Union ( TTU )’ s project coordinator,Stella Mwanjisi ( third-L ) hands over soccer balls to Mela and Melela schools’ Management,two from left and one from the right are TTU’s officials, pictured shortly after the end of celebrating international day of African Child held at Melela ward in Mvomero district council, Morogoro region.( photo: Michael Sikapundwa )

Pastoralist society in Mvomero district council, Morogoro region has congratulated Tanzania Teachers Union ( TTU ) for supporting sports equipment to 8 schools through the stop child labor project started in 2017 with the collaboration of TTU German. Project targets to curb students dropping out due to pastoral and domestic activities. Schools come from two wards, namely as Melala  which includes three primary schools like Kibaoni,Melela and Mangali while Mangae includes three primary schools Mela,Mlandizi,Mangae. Others are secondary schools like Melela and Mela. Village   Chairman Korduni  Mbulati made a call over the weekend during the celebration of the international day of African Child, a function that involved district educational officials, TTU officials from headquarters, village government leaders, and staff from all two wards schools, and villagers. ‘’   Thanks for the sports facilities through them schools will perform extracurricular. Village government promises cooperation to make sure children are participating in sports activities and not run away to pastoral activities as the time before the project ‘’ he disclosed. The school body’s chairman,  Jabasi Singa, said the provision of sports facilities is a continuation project’s movement towards curbing dropped-out children not only for pastoralist activities but other factors like child labor. ‘’ We thank a project for combating truancy through organizing the community to provide meals to schools at least breakfast and lunch. An idea was received positively and our schools now access meals situation increased students attendance. Frankly speaking few not all families access food per day, that situation forced students to come back to school‘’ he explained Stella Mwanjisi project coordinator from TTU headquarters, a  guest of honor,  when handed over balls and stationeries to the school body’s chairman, said the aim of the project is not to prohibit a child not to participating in domestic activities but it’s against that activities parents used their children as a source of income, unfortunately, children do it during class hours.‘’ a child is allowed to assist parents in domestic activities like gardening, fetching water, and washing clothes. So don’t perceive the project or government negatively about it. The child is strictly not allowed in activities that he or his parents receive wages ‘’ she explained. Elson Yohana, standard seven pupil at Melela primary school, who left a school in 2021 due to grazing family cattle, said from sports facilities will no longer leave a school because his dream is to be a professional soccer player like Fiston Mayele , a young African soccer team. Forward.  ‘’ Thanks, TTU, because you have already created a chance for me to be involved in extra curricular, hope my dream to be a professional player will be true. I will never leave a school like last year. Besides my parents through the stop child labor project  have already understood the importance of education ‘’ he said. TTU’s regional chairman, Jumanne Nyakirang’ani called upon for parents to avoid negative perceptions about free education, and said free education means the inclusion of parents in running the education system not only government takes care of all responsibilities. ‘’ parents are required to provide pupils stationeries, uniforms, and school meals contribution. Government can’t afford all these costs that’s why the community is involved in the construction of classrooms and hostels. Please participate in contribution of meals at schools as to enable your child to concentrate in class rather than thinking food at home.’’ he revealed.

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