Notorious Paedophile Wanted In The U.K Arrested In Kenya

By Samuel Ouma

A Kenyan fugitive wanted in the United Kingdom for sexual molestation of minors has been arrested.

The suspect was arrested on Friday morning, June 17, 2022, by detectives based at the Transnational Organized Crimes Unit.

Anthony Kamau alias Anthony Kinuthe alias Anthony Kinuthia Kamau, who has been on the run after jumping bail in the United Kingdom, is wanted at the Chelmsford Crown Court of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to answer to charges of sexual harassment of minors.

The pedophile is reported to have sexually assaulted underage girls within 11 years from 2005.

He was also charged with four counts of engaging in a non-penetrative sexual activity with one girl and another count of inciting an underage girl to perform a sexual act in November 2019.

“After the suspect was granted bail, he fled from the United Kingdom to Kenya, where he has been engaging detectives in hide and seek games,” said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in a statement.

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