DR Congo: New Political Party ASC Launched

By Badylon Kawanda Bakiman

 One year before the elections constitutionally scheduled for 2023, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has just registered a new political party which wants to bring, according to its parents, a new wind and put the people at the center of political action. .

This is the Alliance of Christian Socialists (ASC), a party dear to the Honorable Willy Mubobo, one of the former national deputies who has, for several years, carried out actions related to good governance and the social well-being of citizens.

The official release of this new party took place this Saturday in the large hall “La Touraine Saint Martin”, commune of Lukolela, city of Kikwit, province of Kwilu, in the south-west of the country. A colorful ceremony in the presence of politico-administrative and religious authorities; in the presence of customary chiefs, certain academic authorities of the higher institutes and universities of the place as well as party members from several parts of the country such as Kinshasa, Bagata, Gungu, Idiofa, Bulungu, Kwango, Masimanimba etc.

The CSA therefore enters the big family which currently has nearly 600 political parties already preparing for the 2023 race.

“Once in power, everything will be exercised according to democratic standards. Many years ago, people were complaining about the lack of civic awareness of citizens and useless citizens. Today, with modern democracy and the proliferation of revivalist churches, this complaint is still very topical and deserves consideration at our end. Hence the need to encourage the people to participate effectively in democratic life. The party is the space where the citizen actively participates in the politics of the country,” said Agapit-Marius Ngayndam, secretary general of the ASC.

According to him, this participation in political life implies a firm and responsible decision because it is supposed to participate in what is supposed to guide the life of everyone in the city.

“Thus political participation in the management of the Republic can meet three pillars namely: Political parties, elections and pressure groups”, he hammered.

Why another political party in an already saturated space?

Answers to this question are contained in the speech of the national president of the party, Willy Mubobo, who moreover elucidated the observations made before the genesis of this new party.

“For some observers, the DRC space is already saturated. It is in this context that the Alliance of Christian Socials is born in a country which has nearly 600 political parties, with the electoral deadlines. Because, it is said, whoever wants to go far spares his grind. The creation of the Alliance of Christian Socials is motivated by the unfortunate observation that we have made in the political reign of our country characterized by the lack of love between the leaders and the people as well as between the leaders themselves and yet their powers emanate from the people. Faced with this state of affairs, this constitutes an interpellation of the Congolese political class. Divine inspiration has happened to us to set up a political party that advocates the love of the leaders towards the people and the love of the country. This is why our party the ASC will put the people at the center of its political action”, declared the Honorable Mubobo.

He said that another observation comes from political parties that do not want to see their member’s access state power and exercise it with responsibility by favoring competence. “For them, power is the means of personal, family or friendly enrichment. While it is an asset for the improvement of the living conditions of the people”, He complained.

A document of the new party in our possession informs that the ASC wants at all costs “Do politics differently; do politics properly; to be close to the population and to remain a good seed for the DRC”.

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