African Internet Connectivity Journey Is On Its Path To Global Economic Success

By Samuel Ouma

The demand for bandwidth in Africa is increasing exponentially by at least 50% year-on-year – doubling every 18 months, faster than anywhere else.

This revelation has been made by the Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies.

Liquid Dataport Chief Executive Officer David Eurin further revealed that the cost of connectivity is decreasing, and the access to essential internet is also increasing.

According to CEO Eurin, analysts continue to highlight the rapid growth in intra-African network traffic. There is also a wealth of sub-sea cable capacity coming into the continent over the next few years. Some of the sea-cable include Equiano, 2Africa, and PEACE cables.

This will bring the total available capacity to over hundreds of terabits across the oceans around Africa.

“It follows that this capacity needs to be dispersed across the continent, linking data centres together and bringing service to every building and home. This creates a symbiotic relationship between sea cables, a secure, reliable, capable fibre network and even satellite dishes,” said CEO Eurin.

Eurin said as efforts are underway to bridge the connectivity gap in Africa, the continent is about to reach the levels seen only in developed economies. He noted that Africans will witness an exponential boom in GDP and productivity and improvements in health conditions and education opportunities.

“We have seen it in African economic powerhouses like South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, but more corners of the continent are about to light up as they join the connectivity chorus. The value of the internet will continue to spread across the continent as we turn tens of millions into hundreds of millions of connected Africans,” he added.

He said that Africa’s young population will play a significant role in the internet connectivity in the continent.

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