Tanzania: Entrepreneurs reveal TBS as a solution to seeking external market

By Michael Sikapundwa, Morogoro

Maria Nyumbu from Tushikamane milk processors Dakawa- township home-based shows a bottle of yogurt its price will shoot after TBS registration, pictured over the weekend during the climax of National Economic Empowerment Council ( NEEC) held in Morogoro region( photo: Michael Sikapundwa)

Over 500 hundred entrepreneurs specializing in milk, spice, rice, and wine processing in Tanzania  have appreciated the sixth government regime under Samia Suluhu Hassani  for increasing entrepreneurs’ products value chain as an allocated fund to public and private financial sectors that  provides soft loansMaria Nyumbu from a milk processing group namely Tushikamane  , Dakawa township home-based, Mvomero district in Morogoro region made a call over the weekend during the climax day of the National Economic Empowerment Council ( NEEC)’ s the fifth exhibition that was sponsored by Tanzania Agricultural Catalytic Trust (  TACT ) time before termed as The southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania ( SAGCOT ). A weekly event that was blessed with Morogoro region commissioner ( RC ) Martine Shigella and minister for investment, industry, and Trade, represented Tanzanian president, Samiha Suluhu Hassani, who was expected to postpone an event.Nyumbu said her group commonly titled‘’ Tushikamane group ‘’  was inboxed and didn’t look for an opportunity outside of it but after visiting the Tanzania Bureau of Standard  (TBS)’s pavilion during NEEC’s exhibition had realized our solution to seek the external market is to register products TBS.  ‘’ TBS registration adds products’ value chain and keeps trust to customers who fear fake business. I promise to supply over 500 from 100 liters of milk per day after TBS training on how to add value chain. This will enable group members to discuss how to increase the price of milk from 1600 per liter because we plan to employ suppliers to different areas who will be paid for quality services TBS instructed ‘’ she said.For her part, Ifakara district commissioner ( DC ) Hanji Godigodi accepted TBS comment to Ifakara wine rice wine processors who are supported by Ifakara Innovation Hub, said they produce the best wine from rice grain but its price is not related to the cash invested in manufacturing due to lack of TBS permit .Wooden glue and paper processor titled ‘’ Tiger Glue’’( CEO)  Loyce Andrea Ntandu congratulated the Property and business Formalization  Programme ( MKURABITA) which invited entrepreneurs to share the experience with MKURABITA’s beneficiaries, said it was an opportunity to meet TBS situation encouraged her to invest more that time before due to lack of permit to supply inside and outside the country .‘’ I’d like to appreciate MKURABITA’s awareness in this exhibition because we have gotten an opportunity to meet with TBS, frankly speaking, I need the government to rethink how entrepreneurs access profit does not injure because my capital started as a street vendor with 75,000/- capital now have 40 million Tanzanian shillings hope to expand my capital and employ Tanzanians if the government will set conducive an environment for me ‘’ she said.

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