Cannabis Africana: Drugs And Development In Africa Project To Be Launched Online

By Wallace Mawire

The Universities of Bristol and Cape Town will  officially  launch online on 7 June 2022  the Cannabis Africana: Drugs and Development in Africa project.

The project focuses on cannabis in sub-Saharan Africa and its impact on socio-economic development, as well as the policy context.

It seeks to develop a deeper understanding of cannabis in Africa, focusing not only on its ‘traditional’ uses, but also on its contemporary growth as an economic cash crop and source of livelihoods.

Emphasis will be  on examining the historical and contemporary place of cannabis in African rural and urban settings, including the current and ongoing liberalisation of cannabis policies being undertaken in a number of African countries.

The project focuses on four countries, which are  Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and seeks to provide an historical account of cannabis in sub-Saharan Africa,to understand the contemporary place, purpose and perceived utility of cannabis,to explore the varied cultures of consumption that are arranged around cannabis  and to assess the impact of drug policy on cannabis production, distribution and use in the four sub-Saharan countries.

Project Team Members

Dr Gernot Klantschnig, Associate Professor, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Dr Neil Carrier, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Bristol

Dr Simon Howell, Research Associate, Global Risk Governance Programme, University of Cape Town

Dr Clemence Rusenga, Research Associate, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

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