African religious leaders participate in online meeting to understand meaning of war and peace

By Wallace Mawire

 More than 2,345 verified civilian casualties – including 177 innocent children – suffered in Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights believes the real death toll may be much higher.

This senseless war has left many baffled as to why the idea of peace and safety evaded the global community in this time where unification and harmony are pursued by so many. Christian believers around the world are debating whether this war and many other conflicts worldwide is a sign of the end times. The question remains: what is the path to peace for nations locked in conflict?

On Saturday 23 April 2022 Mr Man-Hee Lee, the chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, a global Christian organisation, hosted a special webinar that was live-streamed through Zoom and YouTube to address the topic of War and Peace at the End Time. This webinar, at the request of hundreds of religious leaders and Christian pastors from African countries, (including those in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana) aimed to explain the true meaning of war and peace at the end time according to Matthew 24 in biblical scripture.

Chairman Lee, who has previously stated that he was just a farmer from the countryside, but chosen as a messenger by Jesus who had him see, hear and testify to all the events of Revelation to the churches, addressed the details of this biblical chapter for the inquiring pastors.

“Currently, there’s a war… do you think that’s the war Jesus was referring to? I’m sure that wasn’t the case,” Chairman Lee said. “I speak of what I’ve seen and heard from the fulfilled reality of Matthew 24. Well, if I’ve seen the fulfilled reality of Matthew 24, I better know its content very well right? Which kingdom fights which kingdom, that’s the question.”

He went on to explain that just as the chapter states, there will be the work of deception, and nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom – these kingdoms will fight each other. “Because Jesus was talking about the temple of Jerusalem, one of those kingdoms must be God’s temple, the tabernacle, the people of Jerusalem,” Chairman Lee explained.

“Jerusalem refers to the tabernacle of the believers, he was referring to a church… he’s explaining how two churches fight each other,” Chairman Lee added. “Why did he call it kingdom against kingdom instead? It’s because one church is God’s kingdom made up of the people of Jerusalem and the other church is the kingdom of the devil.”

Chairman Lee clarified that it’s crucial to understand that these “two kingdoms” refer to different groups, and that while Matthew 24 doesn’t explain what these two organizations are, they do appear in the book of Revelation. As a witness, he also explained the fulfilment of these prophecies.

This webinar was held in the midst of Shincheonji’s Parables and Intermediate Level lessons currently being aired on YouTube – open to the public to view free of charge. According to Shincheonji, 2,155 pastors, 22 seminary schools and 958 churches in 67 countries have established Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the church. Following MOUs, several pastors and seminary instructors in countries including the US, South Africa, Uganda and the Philippines, are teaching their congregations and students based on these lessons.

This recent webinar as well as lessons explaining Scripture from Genesis to its conclusion in Revelation, can be viewed on Shincheonji’s official YouTube Channel:


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