Kenya receives military equipment from China

By Samuel Ouma

The government of Kenya has received military vehicles and engineering equipment from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The hardware were received in Nairobi by the Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugine Wamalwa.

In his speech, CS Wamalwa said the support will strengthen the defence relation between the two countries.

The vehicles and engineering equipment will boost the capability of troops in the conduct of their mandate within and outside the confines of Kenyan borders.

“The capacity of a defence force in protection of the sovereignty of any nation lies with its personnel and equipment. Further, a highly motivated soldier coupled with the requisite tools of trade will endeavour to complete the assigned mission irrespective of the operating environment,” he said.

He went on to say that the support would raise troop morale and help them be more prepared for their missions.

“The Military Aid Gratis accorded to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) by the People’s  Republic of China goes a long way to enhance the mission readiness of troops in execution of their mandate,” he added.

The Chinese Ambassador to Kenya His Excellency Zhou Pingjian said that the profound friendship between Kenya and China has existed in the centuries, thanking the leadership of both countries for the good working relationship.

“I am proud of the wide-ranging cooperation between the two countries, including that of the military relations. We are committed to focusing on the China-Kenya relations so as to promote peace within the region,” stated the Ambassador.

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