Kenya: Drunkards assault cops in Trans Nzoia

By Samuel Ouma

Traditionally brewed beer, known as busaa, is popular especially in poorer communities.Photo courtesy

Police officers who attempted to arrest a local illicit brewer popularly known as Chang’aa were met with violence in Bwake village, Trans Nzoia County in Kenya’s Rift Valley, on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

Police report indicates that the officers had landed in the homestead of Mrs. Mulati, a local professional brewer, with determination to arrest her. However, she threw tantrums, alerting the entire village of the officers’ presence.

“Even as she screamed deliriously in a high-pitched voice, some revelers continued imbibing their pints unperturbed, dismissing the raid as the usual swoops coordinated by the village committee,” read part of the report.

Others were reported to have taken vantage positions in the compound and challenged the officers to a duel, as they gathered rocks and other projectiles.

When the Sergeant in-charge of the operation ordered his men to arrest the woman and her husband, the residents responded hurling stones at them and were forced to scamper for their safety.

They had to fire several rounds in the air to scare away the crowd that was baying for their blood.

Two of the officers suffered serious injuries and were referred to a nearby health facility for specialized treatment.

Meanwhile, a well-coordinated operation in response to the incident is currently ongoing.



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