The African Energy Chamber Commends H.E. Djerassem le Bemadjiel for his Appointment as Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Chad

With a wealth of experience in the sector, H.E. Bemadjiel is set to drive Chad into a new era of energy growth
The African Energy Chamber (AEC)  applauds H.E. Djerassem le Bemadjiel for his appointment as Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Chad. Backed by a wealth of experience in the energy sector, and with an agenda to improve public-private sector collaboration to expand project development and take off, H.E. Bemadjiel is set to lead Chad into a new era of sustained energy sector growth and development.H.E. Bemadjiel has extensive experience in the Chadian energy sector. A geologist by training, he has worked in drilling and engineering for Schlumberger, served in management positions at the Djarmaya refinery as well as been adviser in charge of oil inspection for H.E. President Idriss Deby. Thereafter, H.E. Bemadjiel was appointed as Minister of Petroleum and Energy where he has made significant progress to expand Chad’s energy sector while making a strong play for investment. Having been reappointed during the Presidential reshuffle in the government of H.E. Albert Pahimi Padacké, H.E. Bemadjiel is set to continue progress seen since 2013, while accelerating oil, gas and renewable energy developments country wide.With over 1.5 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves, significant renewable energy resources and a largely underdeveloped natural gas sector, opportunities for growth and investment are endless. As of October 2021, the country was producing an average 69,000 barrels of oil per day, and with plans to enhance production so as to ensure energy security, increased government revenues, and the alleviation of energy poverty, the new Minister is committed to advancing sectoral progress.“The AEC will support H.E. Bemadjiel as he works with the private sector to strengthen Chad’s oil and gas sector. While the country moves to enhance production capacity, spur exploration and establish energy security for years to come on the back of sizable oil and gas reserves, H.E. Bemadjiel needs to have a market-driven approach to project implementation. A lot of work needs to be done and with extensive experience in the energy sector, an agenda to strengthen public-private sector collaboration and integration, the new Minister is well positioned to drive sectoral, as well as associated economic, growth,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.With one of the primary hindrances to growth in Chad’s economy the lack of adequate financing, the country is pursuing investment and international participation in multiple sectors of its economy. Notably, the country is committed to broadening private sector opportunities while making a strong case for public-private partnerships, particularly in key sectors such as energy. Chad’s diverse energy sector – one that is rich with opportunities – has the potential to address domestic energy demand while contributing to regional economic growth.  *Source African Energy Chamber

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