Ghana: CSO declares Planting for Food and Jobs initiative as failed as farmers warn of imminent food scarcity.

By Papisdaff Abdullah

Director of Communications for FSG, Mr. Edwin Baffour

A Civil Society Organization calling itself the Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG) has said government’s Planting for Food and Jobs policy has failed considering the looming food shortage to hit the country.

In a reaction to a warning by the Peasant Farmers Association for people to stock up food in anticipation of a looming shortage, Director of Communications for FSG, Mr. Edwin Baffour cataloged some reasons that have contributed to the failure of the flagship policy introduced by the Akuffo Addo led government.

According to him, many farms in the country are less than five acres and most were not involved in the government’s touted planting for food and job policy.

“We have in recent planting for food and job but I don’t think it has been successful as it been touted to be. Planting for food and job is a good initiative but I think it was hurriedly implemented as far as the policy aspect of it.

“You see at some point a big stakeholder group like the peasant farmer’s association was not involved in the policy formulation for planting for food and job. They were called in after. I don’t know if the planting for food and job was structured to only help farms that were bigger than five acres,” Mr. Edwin quizzed.

Mr. Baffour further disclosed that “Unfortunately, we don’t have the respect for small farmers. We think that it’s the poor mankind of farming because our ancestors who farm and the so-called poor farmer’s farm in a way that is sustainable. The kind of way the United Nations is now advocating.”

The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana last week announced that people resident in Ghana must start stocking food items in large quantities to help cushion them and their relatives when an imminent shortage of food hits the country soon per their projections and analysis of the market.

The Director of Communication also added that food production must be sustainable and done in a way that would not affect the soil in any way adding creating an artificial ecosystem would not help the nation.



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