Financial Education Vital for African Immigrants-Simba Ambassador Dieudonne Kabore

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Financial literacy is a fundamental part of the equation to enable African immigrants in the USA and beyond thrive says Simba Ambassador Dieudonne Kabore. Speaking during the recent “Diaspora Hour” hosted by the upcoming Fintech Simba, Dieudonne Kabore, a seasoned financial experts edified participants on the life changing benefits of sound financial education and choices for the African immigrant community.

With a focus on building savings and wealth, understanding asset accumulation strategies, how to improve credit scores, family protection and other issues to ease the financial pressures Simba Ambassador Dieudonne Kabore edified the audience on basic techniques and mechanisms that African immigrants in the USA could use to ease the financial pressures there are saddled with.

Moderated by Simba Ambassador Thierry Ngoufan, the “Diaspora Hour” forms part of the Empowerment Series for African Immigrants launched in November last year by Simba to provide African immigrant communities with access to financial products, services, and education. Other elements of the Simba empowerment series include diverse public events, trainings, fairs and other vital tools and information to facilitate and improve access to financial services and related opportunities for African immigrants.

Simba is already offering great services to the teeming African diaspora in the USA with a visa card to ease money transfers, make purchases. The card is available upon completion of a simple application process and can be used to make routine purchases, pay bills, make free money transfers and more.

Founded by Simon Tiemtore, a West African Immigrant from Burkina Faso, SIMBA is positioned to provide a strong response to the multi-faceted challenges facing African immigrants when it comes to financial transactions. From money transfer amongst the immigrants to remittances, and a broad range of other fresh opportunities.

Although the core market of Simba is the African diaspora, the card can be used by anyone in the USA. According to the management of Simba, the launching of the card is the first in a series of other products expected to be rolled out progressively in upcoming months.

Currently, Simba money transfer services are available in Algeria, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Chad, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia.

Simba services can be accessed by downloading the application on


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