Zimbabwe – President Mnangagwa Spotlight Ministers, Top Government Officials Through A Performance Contracts Tracking Mechanism

By Nevson Mpofu

In a fair tracking mechanised systeem to bring to record ill forms of accountability and transparency of top officials abusing office , the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa officially signed in top officials to guarantee pledge for accountability and transparency in government .

The performance contracts signing ceremony for public officials has the objective of Intergrated Results Based Management , IRBM with the theme , Towards achievement of high performing sector in the service of the people .

This is done for the better of the  public . The programme for the signing  of performance contracts for senior public officials for fiscal year 2022  is a test metre designed by government to record performance of ministers ,  permanent secretaries ,heads of parastatals , board chairpersons of  state owned enterprises  ,state enterprises , public institutions , universities ,local authorities and their CEOs and senior public officials for the year 2022 .

The ground breaking ceremony done in Harare on Thursday 10 February was attended by several top officials from several government ministries ,several sectors of parastatals and their departments . Speaking at this momentous occasion President Mnangagwa said the programme is a government drive meant to foster a performance culture and enhance accountability in all sectors.

“This envisioned national program is wholly meant to move towards improvements of livelihoods and as well support and promote economic growth . This goes towards poverty eradication of our people TheI goal to become an upper middle income economy is no doubt . Let us as a nation take people at heart by delivering to them the best product out of an output that benefits the people . It is the government that is taken accountable not the people if we fail to deliver , so we need to find lasting solutions to challenges faced”

“”For this to happen ,our productivity and efficiency adds to economic growth and development through the policy of industrialisation .This means then we are revamping our economy to make it sound better into a modern improved industrialised nation with employment for its youth .For us to reach to such heights wholehearted participation shown by hard working comes out with inclusive economic growth and development”

” This programme is a government drive meant to foster a performance culture and enhance accountability in all sectors . This in the end is a measurement that brings in good results in terms of how we manage daily government activities and their capital generation from the resources of the nation . It is there-for there for the good of the public”

“We are towards achievement of high performing sector for the good of the public , meaning to say this is time to stamp out corruption  , lack of performance and failure to deliver . This is evaluation on delivery , efficacy, management and implementation “”

A legislator who belongs to the ruling party ZANU PF , chairman of the parliamentary portfolio committe on finance Dr  Mathew Nyashanu said the exercise is a move to take accountability and transparency in terms of finance from the treasury , use of national resources for good governance for the good of all .

” This is such an exercise to take accountability of finance from the treasury , use of national resources for good governance. Public must be involved  in accountability and good governance in line with national resource management .””

” Every cent from treasury must be accounted for , this bringing transparency for good of the nation , in other words iam talking of revenues  , taxes and expenditure of state resources fair distribution for the benefit of the public”.

“Through monitoring and evaluation we account for output and outcome , how best this can benefit community remains a goal and vision .

. Deliveries out of employee effort must be valued for sustainable development at the same time benefiting employees , creating good relations with their government in a move to develop the country.”

Dr Nyashanu concluded that the exercise is a robust and aggriessive way of stamping out corruption , abuse of office and finances meant for development .According to those who have witnessed the exercise which started last year beginning with permanent secretaries , IRBM , Intergrated Results Based Management has lessened corruption to very low levels . It is however evident that the President is exerting much effort towards Zimbabwe becoming an upper-middle income economy by 2030 .






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