Malawi President questioned over one million job creation claim

By Joseph Dumbula.

President Chakwera

Malawians are reacting to a statement by President Lazarus Chakwera that his administration has created over nine hundred thousand jobs, which he says is a good target towards the intended one million goal.

Chakwera made the statement when he presented the State of Nation Address in parliament in the capital in Lilongwe.

Chakwera said that over nine hundred thousand jobs have been created both in public and private sectors in fulfilling the 1 million jobs campaign promise.

However, questions have been raised the extent to which such is the case.

The social media space in Malawi has reacted by urging the Malawi leader to state the statistics behind the remarks.

In reaction also. The Employers Consultative Association of Malawi through Executive Director George Khaki feels the figures are not the actual presentation.

“The economy is still facing significant challenges. Besides Covid-19, I think we have supply chain disruption and high inflation rate which is depressing demand of supply of goods and services, making companies not to sale more of their goods and services.’’ Says Khaki.

Before assuming the office of the President, Chakwera and nine other leaders of other political parties came to full popularity at the back of a promise to create more jobs for the youths, who form the country’s largest population.

Last year, Chakwera told BBC Hard Talk, that young more and others have been employed through the Affordable Input Program, an agricultural subsidy program.

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