In Memory of Anne Chidzira Muluzi

By James Woods

Anne Chidzira Muluzi was a former first lady of Malawi

A warm soul; mother of a nation,

who fought for so very long

against death’s siren song,

to sit beside us, smiling with grace,

hope and love upon your face.


You were the backbone of Malawi,

humble and virtuous of spirit,

worthy of every tear shed

as you were laid to your final bed,

where you may rest peacefully,

the matron of countless families.


May those who knew you thrive,

blessed by the sweet memories

of what you were like alive,

hard-working and earnest,

working toward what you believed.

We loved you. Now so many grieve.


Your charms and endless efforts

founded the tall and sturdy stack

upon which a new history begins.

This Malawi that lives in the now

will still take a moment to look back

upon all you did for us, with love.


May your time in the great beyond

be everything you ever earned.

May this peace bring you everything

for which you have ever yearned.

May the family who survives you

know that you watch over them now.


First of Malawi’s first ladies,

your memory will outlive you.

You deserve every kindness

that an afterlife can give you.

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