Terrorist group IS training 2000 Mozambican fighters

By Jorge Joaquim

UAE-based The National reports that the terrorist group Islamic State is expanding its global reach and offering training to more than 2000 northern Mozambicans.

The website reports, “ISIS’s global expansion into northern Mozambique includes training for a terror offensive involving suicide bomb tactics among a new generation of recruits,” attributing the information to security analyst Jasmine Opperman.

It adds: “With input from Middle East focused ‘ISIS central’ the Mozambique commanders’ strategic thinking has changed from the idea of establishing a de facto state to hijacking local insurgencies, indoctrinating the population and radicalising them.

 Carta de Moçambique reports that Mozambican Defence and Security Forces (FDS) have been mobilised in Pebane district in Zambezia province owing to fears that insurgents have migrated to the coastal area using sea routes.

According to Carta’s sources, the “strategic district” has recently hosted “several foreigners” linked to “precious and semi-precious stones, specifically at the Mulela administrative post.” Consequently, “the district village of Pebane has been heavily militarised for more than a week with military personnel in constant readiness.”

Last year, MPs on a working visit to Pebane “confirmed the complaints made by certain individuals in the district about the emergence of several mosques,” but there was no resolution to the case.

Also fueling fears is the fact that the Pebane district connects to the east with Moma district in Nampula province, which has been a popular recruiting ground for the insurgency since 2017. Military sources also say government authorities have mobilised several military contingents to protect the northern forested section of Pebane district near Gilé Reserve.

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