Kenya:New GSU officers told to serve with courage, integrity and discipline

By Samuel Ouma

President Uhuru Kenyatta has tasked new General Service Unit (GSU) officers joining the National Police Service to serve the country with courage, integrity and discipline.

The President urged the new officers to uphold the law and abide by the rules and regulations of the service while safeguarding the rights and freedoms of Kenyans.

“To serve successfully, you must uphold the law, abide by all applicable rules and regulations, follow the orders of your superior officers and above all, commit to serving this nation with courage, integrity, discipline and honour.

“As custodians of public safety and our internal security, you are the watchers on the wall who safeguard our rights, freedoms and our way of life. You must live true to the oath you have taken and at all times, whether on duty or otherwise, be model officers whom others will emulate,” President Kenyatta said.

The Head of State spoke on Wednesday at the National Police College Embakasi B Campus in Nairobi County, where he presided over the 48th passing-out-parade of the General Service Unit (GSU).

President Kenyatta commended the GSU’s reputation for bravery, excellence and unfailing commitment to duty, advising the 2,502 new officers to embrace discipline and talk to their seniors whenever faced with problems instead of engaging in acts of lawlessness and despair.

Acknowledging that the officers are joining the security sector when society is experiencing significant transformation and advancements in technology and external cultural influences, President Kenyatta asked them to adapt to the dynamic security environment.

“You will, therefore, be required to operate in an environment that is quite distinct from that which prevailed at the beginning of this century. The needs and expectations of Kenyans have also increased, particularly since the promulgation of the new Constitution in the year 2010,” the President said.


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