Kenya, China partnership is of mutual benefit, says President Kenyatta

By Samuel Ouma

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, has defended the country’s economic ties with China.

Kenyatta made his remarks on Thursday, as he dedicated the final box girder along the main axis of the Nairobi Expressway’s main alignment.

He slammed Kenya’s critics who have accused the country of frequently collaborating with the Chinese government on projects.

“The relationship between the United States and China has been criticized by many people. Our relationship with China is one that is mutually advantageous to both parties. It is a win-win situation, and as a result, we are quite grateful to the Chinese government,” said President Kenyatta.

Those who are critical of Kenya-China relations are invited to visit the initiatives that have been undertaken by the two countries, particularly in Nairobi, Lamu, and Kilindini.

Kenya’s Head of State expressed gratitude to China for the assistance provided to the country through the various initiatives.

Beijing is constructing the Nairobi Expressway Project, which is one of several Chinese-funded projects in the East African country.

The project involves the construction of a 27.1-kilometer road that will go from Mlolongo through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Nairobi’s central business district to the Westland neighborhood along Waiyaki Way.

The highway is being built by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, which is being financed through a public-private partnership arrangement.

The private corporation that funded the construction of the Nairobi Expressway will manage the road for 27 years in order to recoup the cash that were spent on the project before transferring ownership of the route to the government of Kenya.

According to Kenyatta, the Expressway will assist in reducing the traffic that people have been experiencing, which has increased the cost of conducting business in the country in recent years.

According to reports, it has also generated work for more than 6,000 people, and the government has also contracted with 200 subcontractors, many of whom have gone on to employ more locals.


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