Japanese Ambassador in Mozambique accuses government of ‘lack of respect’

By Jorge Joaquim

The Japanese Ambassador to Mozambique, Hajime Kimura, accused the government of Mozambique of lack of respect for failing to show the Japanese flag during an inauguration ceremony presided by President Filipe Nyusi.

The incident occurred last week during the inauguration of the Nacala Vocational Training Centre, built with funds from Japan.

According to Evidencias, the lack of the Japanese flag at the event did not go unnoticed by Hajime Kimura.

“We have been working so hard with you, and I don’t see the Japanese flag here. I’m really upset. It’s a lack of respect for your partner,” the Ambassador said in his speech. Filipe Nyusi later addressed this faux pas saying in his speech that “the Japanese flag is still in our hearts.”

The Mozambican president assured the Japanese Ambassador that a revision of the protocol would be carried out to ensure no similar incidents would take place in the future.

Blessed with natural resources, Mozambique draws interest from foreign companies, including Japanese companies, as a target of investment, but the skilled labor needed by industry is severely lacking.

The project will provide the facilities and equipment needed to implement training courses in construction, welding, automobile maintenance and agricultural product processing, where human resources are particularly lacking.

The project is thereby expected to make it possible to provide high-quality vocational training opportunities, promote local industry through the development of human resources meeting industrial needs and contribute to economic stimulation.

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