Ghana-‘Start Operations On Accra Railway Line’ – Public Interest And Accountability Committee (PIAC) Advocates

By Maxwell Nkansah

The Accountability Committee (PIAC) has advocated for the operationalization of the railway lines in Accra to raise revenue for the Ghana’s development. According to the committee, the government should put the Public Interest first.

PIAC called on the government to empower the Ghana Railway Authority after making an inspection of some projects partially funded with revenues from Ghana’s oil transactions in the Greater Accra region.

According to PIAC, expenses would be on the national coffers should there be a further delay in the operationalization of the completed rail racks as the rail platforms would start deteriorating due to its redundancy.

However, Project Engineers have informed the Committee that, some of the platforms need fixing before they can be operating to protect public safety.

The Vice Chairman of PIAC, Nasir Mohammed in response to this argued that it is not appropriate to halt operations on the Accra rail lines whilst those in Takoradi are in full operation. He also called for a sustainable maintenance regime to ensure that the rail lines rake in the needed revenue from their operations.

He lastly urged the government to resolve all issues surrounding the Accra rail lines immediately as wear and tear would set in should they be left without use.


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