RWAZI Is Recruiting 10,000+ Young Africans

We live in a world where information is power . Rwazi is a pioneering company in the business of efficient data collection. With about 10,000 mappers spread across 40 African countries, they boast command of the African region in collection of on the ground data. The company’s tag line; decide with data is truly reflective of their mission to empower companies and institutions with information.

Since its inception in 2018, Rwazi has worked with multiple organizations with the objective of making on-ground data on products, services, and activities from developing countries accessible. Their unique selling point is the use of mappers on the ground, in the very areas their clients are targeting . Further , through the data collected, they are able to offer actionable insights. These services are available across multiple industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, education, finance, agriculture, energy, transport, and media. The most requested data includes , availability of products and services, pricing, locations, local suppliers, and sourcing leads.

Operations at Rwazi are led by both clients and mappers. Since its formation , the company led by the CEO Joseph Rutakangwa, recognizes the employment gap for the youth in Africa. Rwazi wants to be part of the solution on this matter and is availing gigs to young people across Africa. They would benefit from mapping with Rwazi through paid tasks, and exposure to great and potentially lucrative networks.

Here is the eligibility criteria to sign up as a mapper;

  • Age- 18 and above.
  • Education – Secondary level and above.
  • Language – Basic command of English.
  • Device – Smartphone with internet access.


You can sign up here to join Rwazi as a mapper today.

In the time that Rwazi has been operational, they have grown exponentially. They have a view to expand their data collection in 2022 to individual user experiences . This refers to what mappers are using, and engaging with on a day to day basis . This information will be especially useful for companies and organizations that would like to learn more about their target beneficiaries. Their innovative approach towards data collection is for you if you are looking for reliable , and current data. Companies and governments looking to offer services and introduce products into an unfamiliar market can save a lot of time and money in trial and error measures. Granted, companies have great sales and marketing teams, but they pale in comparison to on-the-ground data needed from their target audience.

Rwazi has already received much recognition and multiple accolades for their work thus far such as People’s Choice 2021 by Global Startup Awards, Vienna Startup Package 2020, Facebook Startup Programs, Challenge of 1,000 by Digital Africa and the Africa-France Summit, Brave Founder of the Year by Southern Africa Startup Awards. You too can be part of this community that is on a path to learn , grow and inspire within Africa and beyond. Mr. Rutakangwa boldly states their vision to provide 10 million gigs by 2025 and at this rate, we cannot wait to see them achieve that milestone.

You can visit Rwazi’s website at and interact with them on social media too.


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