Rwanda: RDF denies involvement in DR Congo attacks

By Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti

The Rwanda Defense Force has denied reports that it supported DR Congo armed group known as M-23 in attacks in the Eastern region of Ruchuro’s village of Tshanzu and Runyoni.

The attacks, which left thousands of citizens displaced, occurred on Sunday evening on 7thNovember 2021. Reports suggested that the armed group originated from Rwanda and were supported by the Rwanda Defense Force.

“The Rwanda Defense Force is neither involved in nor supports any activities of the Ex-M23 armed group,” reads a statement in part.

“It has been reported that an armed group believed to be ex-M23 rebels, on Sunday evening 7 November 2021 , crossed into DR Congo from Ugandan territory where it is based, and attacked and occupied the village of Tshanzu and Runyoni,” it added.

The statement said that the M-23 group in question did not seek refuge in Rwanda during their retreat from DR Congo in 2013 but has been based in Uganda from where this attack originated and to where the armed group retreated,

“Any reports, in Media or by officials in the region, that M-23 armed group originated from or retreated to Rwanda is propaganda aimed at undermining the good relations between Rwanda and DRC,” adds the report.

The M-23 armed group is one of the several armed groups that have ravaged the Eastern DR Congo’s parts among others for the past years.

In a statement released on Monday evening, M-23 denied any attack on DR Congo stressing that it had been involved in talks with DR Congo officials to stabilize the country and under no circumstance could have been involved in destabilizing its own country.

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