New Video: Black Thunder Tells Gambian Politicians that Hard Facts will move Gambia forward

By: Bakary Ceesay, in Germany

Black Thunder, Switzerland based Gambian Afro-Reggae dancehall artiste has released a new audiovisual called ‘TONYAA KESSO’  (Hard Fact) in all digital platforms.

The song beat was created by Fabulous Musik Mix and Mastered by Pak Music and the video is directed by Black Energy Records. It’s the first single from his upcoming Afro album due to release early next year.

Black Thunder told Pan African Visions that the messages in the song as Gambia is going for presidential elections in December it reminds the politicians that only  TONYAA KESSO ‘Hard Fact’ will move Gambia forward.

He warned politicians not to divide the people by tribes in politics but rather united them for the common good of the country.

He added that people should know that only truth and justice with strong institutions will move the country forward.

He explains that people should be tolerance to each other political views as politicians goes and comes but Gambia remains, adding that people should desist away from violence during and after elections.

“Let love each other in the spirit of unity, politic should makes us divided,”

“Our leaders should knows that Gambia is bigger than all of us so we should all work in the interests of the country as Gambian deserve better, Gambia for all with truth and justice”

About  Black Thunder

Born in the northern part of The Gambia, Saikou Kanteh, popularly known as Black Thunder, is a songwriter,  afro- reggae and dancehall artiste based in Bern, Switzerland.

His passion for music began when he was seven years old in a village where poverty is widespread. Because of water and electricity deficiency, and lack of proper school system, from tender age he was determined to use music to speak for the voiceless and for better conditions.

At that age he had already started a band with his friends. He later decided to consider music asa career of choice.

Shortly afterwards, he met a popular local producer called Papis whobrought him to studio. In 2002 he recorded his maiden single called ‘Liberate From Action’ at TJrecord.

In 2004 he relocated to Milan, Italy to pursue music studies for two years. After completing his studies, he went into the studio to record more music and later founded a band. His musicaljourney began taking shape and saw him touring Europe with his band.

In 2009, he left Italy for Bern, Switzerland where he launched a solo career and signed contract with Likkle Lion Record in Geneva. While in Bern, he continually recorded music, worked with different producers and was regarded as revolutionary and humanitarian artiste.

In 2014, he signed another contract with Atomic Dog Record in Bern. In 2015, he toured The Gambia where he had eight concerts. All the proceeds were donated to schools, hospitals and youths development projects.

In 2016, he made his debut performance at Flag Flow High Senegambia in Austria, a musical platform meant to showcase Senegambian artists in Europe where he was awarded as the best stage performer.

In 2018, he formed ‘Movementality’ as his performing band across the world now Basic Foundation Band.

Black Thunder and ‘Movementality’ are playing in Switzerland at African Festivals and in Germany, Italy, Malta and Austria in different cities. The band is now changed it name as Basic Foundation Band spreading African culture and inculcate positive mindset in the people. As he always emphasis that world peace and stability can be attainable with equal rights and justice for all.

In December 2019 he toured The Gambia again and also empower youths in sports, music and education by building schools, supporting football tournaments and mentoring young artists to stardom.

In 2021, Black Thunder returns Gambia again toured with Black Energy Sound raised funds for his foundation Black Thunder Unity Foundation aimed at supporting the young people in skills education, women empowerment, health care and less privileges people in the society.

He is currently working hard in the studio to produce an Afro album coming soon. He is also the chief executive of Black Thunder Unity Foundation aims at mentoring, inspiring the younger generations to stardom. And also to empower less privileged communities in basic need like education, health and women empowerment in production sector.

His hit songs are: ‘Sugar baby’ ‘She is angry’ ‘100 millions’, ‘Yes I Pray’, ‘Gambia be wise,’ ‘Love again’, ‘Can’t stop the fire’, Never Chat’, ‘Nation girls’ and ‘Jahouya’, ‘Give them visa’ , ‘World introuble’ , ‘Sexy Lady’, ‘Worriors’, ‘Jah on your way’.

He is currently working hard in the studio to release double album Afro and Reggae to be release next year.

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