Kenyans give exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna travel options after the government blocked his return again

By Samuel Ouma

Lawyer Miguna Miguna

The much-anticipated return of controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna, which was set to take place on Tuesday, November 16, has come to a halt.

Through his posts on social media platforms on Monday evening, Miguna Miguna announced that Kenyan government issued a fresh red alert to Air France which he was to use from Berlin.

“This is to inform Kenyans and the world that Air France Officials at the check-in counter at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport have just informed me that the Government of Kenya sent them a “Red Alert” this morning that they cannot fly me to Nairobi.

They have refused to give me a copy of the “Red Alert,” or anything else they can give me proving the directive they are acting on. The struggle continues,” said Miguna Miguna.

The outspoken barrister went ahead and shared a document Air France issued to him that indicates he has been travelling certificate.

Following the development, a section of Kenyans asked him to hire a plane to Uganda then walk through the border.

Others also asked him to use a ship to arrive in the country without the knowledge of the government.

“Why don’t you come to Kampala first,” posed Babu Khalid.

Some also urged him to buy an aeroplane to facilitate his return

Miguna Miguna was deported for the first time in February 2018 after taking part in ODM leader Raila’s swearing-in as the ‘People’s President’ at Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018.

He is a dual citizen of Kenya and Canada, from which he was exported.

The Self-declared General vowed to fights for his rights without fear.

“ I will never surrender no matter how fearful, desperate, brutal and childish you become. I will keep speaking the truth forever. Just checked into a hotel in Berlin. The struggle for social justice will continue. Viva!” he added.

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