Cameroon: Explosive Device goes off in UB, Injures 11 Students

This is the third explosion that has gone off in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon in less than a month

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Some 11 students injured after an IED went off on the campus of the University of Buea

An improvised explosive device, IED, has been detonated at the campus of the University of Buea, the chief town of the South West Region of Cameroon leaving at least eleven (11) students injured, a statement from the University of Buea authorities have said.

The explosion is said to have gone off at 3:30 pm local time this Wednesday, November 10, 2021, on the said campus at Amphi 600 while students were taking lectures. It is still uncertain as to who is which group is behind this latest explosion in the town as no group has claimed responsibility yet.

It is also still uncertain the reasons behind the attack but it has been deduced that the people who carried out the attack may have been targeting the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, HE Richard Bale who had earlier had a meeting with students at the said campus. HE Richard Bale was with UB officials and students at Amphi 750 as they exchange views on peace and security issues.

“Today we were having a conference on peacebuilding and the conference started at about 11 am and ended at about 3 pm local time. At 3:30 we were at the reception and we had information that some students have been injured and were being conveyed to the hospital,” Professor Horace Ngomo Manga, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea told journalists shortly after the incident.

“Upon further injury, we were informed that an explosive device was thrown on the roof of the lecture hall and it exploded before reaching the ground and released shrapnel of metallic particles. The metallic particles injured about 11 students and they were immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.”

An injured student being rushed to a nearby hospital after sustaining and injury

“The students who were injured are stable and at now no major injuries. The investigations will tell us who the perpetrators are; I don’t want to presume something which may not be correct,” Professor Horace Ngomo Manga added while indicating that the priority is to assist the victims or so and then inform the family. “We will look at the situation and resume classes in a few days,” the UB Vice Chancellor concluded.

The use of improvised explosive devices, IEDs, is becoming a new normal in the town of Buea with separatist fighters being blamed for carrying out the attacks. In less than two weeks, two explosions targeting taxis went off leaving one driver injured while the other was killed. This has caused panic amongst taxi drivers with some taking the measure of not carrying passengers with cargo.

At the time of this report, calm has returned to the educational establishment and the surrounding areas of the school with inhabitants going about with their daily activities.


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