Cameroon: Ekondo Titi Divisional Officer Condemns killing of School children, Teacher

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Ekondo Titi Divisional Officer Aboloa Timothe speaks after the attack at GBHS that left four dead

Local administrators in the Ekondo Titi subdivision in Ndian Division have condemned the latest attack on schoolchildren after an attack this November 24, 2021, left four dead; three students and a teacher.

Aboloa Timothe was speaking shortly after the attack that left three schoolchildren and a teacher of Government Bilingual High School, GBHS, Ekondo Titi dead. No group has presently claimed responsibility but the separatist fighters operating in the area have been accused of carrying out the “atrocity.”

“At around 10mins to 8 am, we had an incident at the GBHS Ekondo Titi subdivision. Some terrorist boys who were already hidden in the school campus opened fire on the first children and teachers who go to the school,” Aboloa Timothe, D.O Ekondo Titi subdivision said in a video message seen by this reporter.

“… We also recorded two major injuries who have been referred to the Regional Hospital in Limbe. The four other injured students are being looked after in a local hospital in Ekondo Titi.”

Lifeless bodies of two amongst some 3 school children killed this November 24 at GBHS Ekondo Titi, Ndian Division, SWR, Cameroon

The defence and security forces have been deployed to the field and they are still working according to the Divisional Officer to get the authors of this barbaric act. Some dispositions have been taken by the local administrator which includes amongst others to provide first care to the injured and transfer the corpses to the Regional Hospital in Limbe.

D.O Aboloa Timothe has further called on the population of Ekondo Titi to remain steadfast and not to give in to what he calls “terrorism”.

Since the crisis broke out in 2016 and escalated in 2017, educational establishments, schoolchildren and administrators have frequently been attacked with the former in many areas burnt down. Last year, some 17 schools were attacked according to UNICEF while in 2019 the figure was even higher; 35 according to the UN agency.




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