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Zimbabwe’s political widening pathways to a likely blood-bath 2023 election

October 19, 2021

..........Opposition gets Zambia's inspiration .. .........ZANU PF retrogresses to Robert Mugabe tactics .... By Nevson Mpofu .. The long term widening political gaps in Zimbabwe takes a new turn-around recently with the national wide tour taken by opposition leader , Nelson Chamisa . The leader of MDC alliance received a back-double kick the past week while in Masvingo city and rural community, 300 kilometres from Harare . His political tours riled the ruling party now turning villain to victims of violent politics . In an ignite of a  scuffle in motion , opposition leader took a nagging kick to silent ZANU-PF .The ruling party has woken out to take readiness as opposition tours provinces in a check up to see the response of the people . The opposition leader seems to have exuded inspiration from the recent election in Zambia won by opposition Haikande Hichilema with over a million voters . Zimbabwe opposition leader is targetting young people , working with them to garner support in both rural and urban . In Masvingo recently he talked to government workers like teachers , chiefs and headmen who were not happy about the violence around in places where opposition goes for tour like in this province from where name of the country is drived from . The province is the biggest strong-hold of ZANU pf according to grapevine in politics . It is however the biggest and highly populated region of the country . Last week opposition supporters were allegedly abducted by obstinant ZANU pf supporters in this province. ZANU-pf supporters tried to block Nelson Chamisa so that he could not meet his supporters  a move that failed and boiled to violence. '' ZANU-PF is nolonger wanted by the people . They use all the tactics of violence and intimidation . I received massive support from villagers .The feeling around is there is no leadership in this country ''. The country is in a likely scenario of intensive political violence bathed in nostalgia retrogressing to the days of Robert Mugabe . This escalating violence and intimidation is circulating in rural areas . This has been the tradition and culture of the ruling party . Curreently violence is strongly showing signs in areas where opposition leader is visiting  in  political tours to test minds of the people , find out more about their feelings and trying to ignite spark of fire ahead of the coming election . Where such violence and intimidation takes place police try by all means to step on all sides but they are currently put to pressure by government to take positive sides with the ruling party . Police is accused of failing to tackle ZANU PF political violence . '' Police are  victims of repression from ZANU -pf  .They know what they are doing to take one side is wrong but they do it  to protect their job.'' '' Vote rigging is one issue just like political violence . Vote rigging , it is said that people on the boarder with Mozambique have identity documents and they are bussed to vote during national elections in Zimbabwe''. '' The issue of  multiple voters is the biggest one we want to be addressed quickly., Members of Parliament and councillors are being urged to be accountable . This must as well be with chiefs and village head-men . Villagers are being threatened that if they vote for opposution they wont get food hand-outs ''. he was quoted by PAV in Harare soon after his tour . Civil Society Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has condemned all forms if violence citing clearly that this is not in line with international protocols under the United Nations like the Universal Declaration for Human Rights , Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the African Charter on Human and People's Rights of which Zimbabwe ratified .  

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