Zimbabwe: UN Rapporteur Urges Mnangagwa To Go For Dialogue Over Sanctions

By Nevson Mpofu.

UN Rapporteur, Allen Douhan who has been in the country since last week Monday has called for a dialogue between Zimbabwe and Western powers. Countries which have over years given the country humanitarian support are purported, believed and concluded by ZANU PF to be owners of debilitating sanctions.

Douhan said these sanctions have had ripple effects on the general people of Zimbabwe. The special UN Rapporteur who was in the country made her assessment in relation to the effects sanctions have on an ordinary Zimbabwean.

“Over the past 20 years sanctions in Zimbabwe have had ripple effects on the enjoyment of human rights , access to food , health , safe water , sanitation , education , health and employment.”

She pointed out that lack of such enjoyment is totally abuse of human rights. Such is the clear situation in Zimbabwe according to how she observed it. Access to clean water and sanitation alone in Harare before we move outside is such a challenge that no-one argues beyond doubt.

The UN special Rapporteur will present a report next year in September when a siting on Human Rights meeting will be done. The meeting will give a feedback of which Zimbabwe expects to be positive. The country is in frantic efforts to stamp out sanctions.

The difficult part is whether it will win the favour of the UN Security Council on Human Rights next year. This is few months before its general Parliamentary and Presidential elections.

Although Douhan has called for an end to sanctions several stakeholders blame the government for corruption, human- rights abuse through political violence which to a large extent has deepened the absence of rule of law through political negative activities dating back from 1980.


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