Zimbabwe: A Look At Mnangagwa’s Fight Against Corruption

……..doomed future leaders , generations

……..political sustainability nightmare takes shape

By Nevson Mpofu ..

President Emmerson Mnangagwa greets supporters of his ruling ZANU PF party gathered for an election rally in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, July 17, 2018. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

The heavy cost of all forms of corruption to Zimbabweans in the future is a sad story in the pipeline .The country is said to have lost almost unaccountable billions if not multi-billionss by now .According to ZACC , Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Director Loicy Matanda Moyo the country is loosing US $2 billion annually to corruption related scandals .

The huge sum in total amount could be in form of corruption types . These in general could be illicit finance flows , capital flight and basically money-laundering . There is that under -lying need to account for all these activities gone long over-due un-attended . There are ideas bright in mind to save the future . The next generation is at a tight corner where they are only relieved as we take a tight measure to curtail the wave and tide of heavy obstacles of corruption .

Tradition and culture of generations born with genes and heredity of corruption atoms in blood ..

Corruption has since time from 1980 landed the country in poverty leading to under-development an issue that threw the country into economic melt-downs . Today , 41 years down the line if this has been the annual reality it means in net total accountability the country lost US 82 billion . Such a figure is high such that the economy could by now have been above middle-upper -income economy . From the year 1980 , coming from the bush several number of Ministers appointed by Robert Mugabe plundered resources . The accountability of it came out with the truth of a number of them who later were discovered to have started businesses using ‘window dressers’ some people who masqueraded as owners . All of them crossed the rule of the policy which restricted Ministers to own businesses . Stopping , eliminating corruption has turned to be uncertain . Its like we are born with the genes and heredity of corruption atoms , this is such an on-going sentiment .

President Mnangagwa fails to contain and fulfill promises to end corruption ….

Such is the back-log bulging at the expense of Mnangagwa and future leaders to come . Currently fresh questions migraines him . These are in relation with two ministers acquitted by the high court two weeks ago . Ignatius Chombo one of the most high personages in Mugabe’s time was arrested after the coup . He got arrested , paid bail and was saidto have returned the wealth he corrupted. His case took time , only recently to be found not guilty .

Former Minister of Health and Child Care appointed by Mnangagwa , Obadiah Moyo was last year sacked by Mnangagwa . He was part of the US$60 million scandal involving covid-19 equipment procurement . He was released the same week .

A Harare lawyer Alec Muchadehama said collapse of high profile cases are a result of poor investigations . When high profile people are arrested over corruption , people become excited yet there are issues of interest with the courts before prosecution .

”Dealing with high profile people in line with corruption , people become over excited thinking all is over yet enough evidence is not gathered to ensure criminals are brought to book .

”From a legal point of view , all cases brought before the courts require thorough investigations before prosecution. In relation to the Health Minister , state failed to properly frame charges against him , if in need a case was there.”

As a result of failure to take stern measures on the two , civil society organisation , Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Director Blessing Vava said acquittal of the bigwigs showed failure of Mnangagwa to deal with corrupt people .

”Mnangagwa promised to tackle corruption when he took office . It has been proved beyond doubt that he is not capable of dealing with corruption .”

” The new dispensation is continuation of the old one . Its just a continuation where corruption had become embedded in Government.”

”Nothing is being done to big-wigs who are found corrupt . It then shows we are not going anywhere “”, he said.

Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development John Maketo , Programs Manager commented that the collapse of corruption cases erodes Zimbabweans trust in the capacity of the authorities to handle it .

”There is need for a push for private prosecution on these matters to promote culture of accountability and transparency.

”Lost public confidence in the Justice delivery systeem should be restored by bringing criminals to book.

”Corruption compromises equittable resource distribution .This widens the socio-economic divide between the marginalised and the elite”.

Political sustainability certainity hangs………

Zimbabwe in reflective practice , in its heritage and history carries shameful tales of scandals . These wove a blow and striking bolt of vinging force of poverty . Yesterday and today millions of young people and their parents and guardians face complete absolute poverty , relative , extreme and income poverty.

There is little doubt . Such is the next line of generations ahead . Their sustainability in terms of life sustainance in basic resources lies in bleak . They are in dark shadows , buried underneath flames and smoke of smouldering fires that non in our generation and age is able to cool down .

The future has little to gain from the financial left overs because grant corruption has taken more of resources in finance meant to be converted to business , starting and working capital in youth empowerment projects . The evidence on ground is on the spotlight of millions of youth who have no employment , livelihood projects to enhance lifestyles and get income for their living .

The truth that comes out with the definition for sustainable development is that we use the resources we have for this present generation without compromising lives of the future . The sad story of bad outcome is , we are using the resources aggressively , with avarice and extravagance at the expense of those to come .

Long life history of corruption

There is told , published and documented history of corruption from the early days of the liberation of the country . The heaviest of all , grant corruption that was called Willowgate scandal prejudiced the Gross Domestic Product , GDP per capita of the country by then the country finally loosing the battle against winning goals of the Economic Structural Adjustment Program, ESAP of the 80’s decade found by Bernard Chidzero former late Minister of Finance. Aftermath of the Willowgate scandal left trail of resignation of ministers who were amoung those in it . The tragedy of the story left Maurice Nyagumbo the first Minister of Mines forced to take poison at his plot in Borrowdale Hoggerty Hill in 1989 .A number of ministers resigned among them Dzingai Mutumbuka , Enos Nkala and the likes of Edgar Tekere .

Such trails of events have surreptitious records of corruption that robbed millions of dollars in US dollar if correctly calculated . The country under Robert Mugabe the then President turned into a corrupt land of rampart activities done at the expense of the future who today are parents who still need freedom . There are some young parents who live life today but doubt their bright future owing attention to corruption .

A bunch in number fear they will never live a better life like the one experienced by those who prejudiced them . Their assailants are politicians still in power unto this day . They are unacountable in all levels and elevations of structures from provincial to country level.

The point of Zimbabweans could be , do we need a censorious government of tough ever brutal and evil laws like what happens in Asian countries , what they do to those found guilt of corruption and all its forms . Should the country follow rules and regulations of what was called Sharia law in Asia . What makes Zimbabwe scuttles in heavy corruption is that the country follows foot-prints of other African countries which came from the shadows of colonialism .When those who liberated gained independence they rushed for richies to make themselves opulent and affluent at the expense of the poor by then who have died poor , languishing in nasty poverty . Still up to now , those who witnessed scandals from Mugabe to Mnangagwa era are walloping in extreme absolute poverty , no three basics as said by Abraham Maslow , food, clothing and shelter .

ZANU-PF failed on opportunistic costs on political and military management ..

To save the advantage of politics , ZANU PF fall into opportunity costs that pushed the party forward leaving trail of poverty and vulnerability with the rest of the nation . The government opted for DRC military support , in Mozambique , in Somalia , Angola and arms for itself to fight insurgency of other disgruntled parties like ZAPU PF under Joshua Nkomo . The payment made was meant to sustain ZANU PF itself than the nation at heart .

There are ideas that never worked which brought the country down from the last years of the 90s decade . The compensation of maimed fighters and thousands of dollars paid to former fighters of liberation struggle . Secondly it is true to note unaudited truth . The acrimonious land reform program left the country at a dragging feet in mud .

Where is the future . Zimbabwe is still at this point in time in corruption sustained by those who started it in the early 80s . The likes of prominent figures in national leadership are ZANU PF big-wigs . Some have died , some left the party , some retired leaving the country on one leg . The lucky remaining have no mercy forty one years after independence still in power at the expense of young political salivating for power in politics . Like in some African countries , Zimbabwe faces three types of corruption , — grant , political and petty corruption yet still to affect the country .

*The Writer of the article is a Development Studies and Sustainable Development Lecturer . The views expressed are his.


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