The Journey Achievement Of A Young Cameroonian Alumnus Of YALI -Lawong Kendra Yaah

By Maxwell Nkansah

Lawong Kendra Yaah is an alumnus of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), a program that was established by the former president of the United States of America and the former president of South Africa, Barrack Obama and Nelson Mandela. The Initiative was established to impact the upcoming generations who are willing to change the status quo of the continent. YALI has impacted about 4,000 plus young leaders across the West African region.

Young African Leadership Initiative is established in the west, east, north, South African sub-regions. Every four (4) months young males and females from West Africa are selected and brought together in Accra or Nigeria to be lectured on three pillars structure.

This young dynamic lady is a holder of an M.A in English Language studies obtained from the University of Bamenda where she is currently studying for a Ph.D. in the field of Gender and communicative style in speech arts.

The pioneer President of the debate club of the University of Bamenda and founder of the Physically Impaired Organisation, Lawong is among the top decorated public speakers in Cameroon who has represented the country in international debate and public speaking competitions. She has trained over 1300 young debaters and public speakers in and out of Cameroon.

Lawong attended the 2019 leadership program in Accra, which threw more light on her ability in impacting the society of her country. She is a lady with dynamisms in different areas which are all geared towards the creation of sustainable societies and the development of communities.

Lawong is the founder of the Hands Together with the Physically Impaired Organization-an organization geared towards the inclusion and friendly living space for persons living with disabilities. She is the president emeritus of the University of Bamenda debate club, she is the arts and poetry coordinator of Highest praise international precisely Love Band Bamenda where she also doubles as the secretary-general.

She is the finance coordinator of the YIID program, she is the publicity secretary of Global Action for Community Development, She is a connector for peace, coach, trainer, mentor and she is passionate about the well-being of persons living with disabilities.

Lawong is an international debater and public speaker who has trained over 1400 public speakers around the world some of which include; students from the Mobile library Project-Ghana, students from the NSOTI public speaking institute Buea, students from the University of Bamenda debate club, members of the ALC Academy, and a host of seminars, conferences, and workshops.

In 2019, she was recognized as the overall national best female youth leader for Cameroon. Lawong has been decorated both national and international with over 27 awards all concerning Leadership, Community development, advocacy, debate, public speaking just to name a few. She continues to impact and work hard in changing the status quo of Africa.

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