Son of Mozambican tycoon Salimo Abdula kidnapped in South Africa

By Jorge Joaquim

Jair Abdula, son of the businessman Salimo Abdula, was kidnapped last Thursday, in Benoni, South Africa.

Jair Abdula and four friends were in a car, on their way to a wedding in Johannesburg when they hit a roadblock and were taken hostage.

The five members of the group were the only ones to know the itinerary of the trip. Three of the group were released on Friday and another was released on Saturday, but Jair is still in captivity.

Salimo Adbula and his wife are said to be on the way back to Mozambique from Dubai, where they had been attending the World Expo 2021.

There is no information on the amount of ramson.

According to a Facebook page known as Justiça Nacional, which is understood to have sources within the police and organized crime, Mozambican and South African police forces are already working on the case and suspect that Bakhir Ayob, a relative of Maputo businessman and alleged drug trafficker Mohammed Bashir Suleiman, could be involved in the kidnap.

Private sector business association the CTA said kidnappings are creating a climate of “despair, uncertainty and insecurity,” and have called for authorities to step up efforts to fight criminality.

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