Security sector transformed under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership

By Samuel Ouma

President Uhuru Kenyatta has stated that one of the most significant successes of his administration has been the restructuring of the security sector.

Addressing thousands of Kenyans who gathered at Wang’uru Stadium in Kirinyaga County, central Kenya, to mark the Mahujaa Day celebrations, President Kenyatta said his government has added new arrows in the quivers of national security by retooling the resources and capacity of security agencies.

“This visible transformation of our security organs has been done in honour of their sacred national duty of defending our sovereignty, maintaining our territorial integrity, securing our borders, and preserving our cherished freedoms and our way of life,” said President Kenyatta.

According to Kenyatta, Kenya’s police to population ratio is at the highest level in its history and is higher than the U.N. prescribed standard.

He also stated that the military had been modernized under his command for the first time in Kenyan history.

Kenyatta promised that the government will continue to tool and re-retool our security resources to the highest standards, keep people safe and secure, and preserve Kenya’s territorial integrity in a just, fair, democratic, and safe country for all.

He stated that the welfare of our security troops has been improved by revising their remuneration perks and other allowances, upgrading housing, providing insurance, and increasing the capacity of our security personnel’s health facilities.

President Kenyatta also revealed the government is building four additional hospitals to cater for them and their dependents in recognition of the heavy toll placed on them and their families.

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