Mozambique: Xitaxi massacre leader killed in ambush

By Jorge Joaquim

The terrorist known as Muhamudu, who was responsible for the 2019 Xitaxi massacre that killed 51 youths, was killed in Mocímboa da Praia district on Wednesday.

Police Commander Bernardino Rafael confirmed that Muhamudu was shot after being ambushed by Mozambican and Rwandan soldiers, saying: “He is an individual who has been responsible for spreading terror in Cabo Delgado since the beginning of the terrorism phenomenon, especially on the outskirts of Mbau. He was killed in Limala, 9km from the administrative post of Mbau. They tried to escape the action of our forces, but not everyone escaped. In this ambush, two terrorists were killed and others fled.”

He said the joint forces are currently, “besieging the area and are pursuing the enemy.” At the same event, President Nyusi also demanded that the Mozambican army neutralise Mariano Nhongo, rebel leader of the so-called ex-Renamo Military Junta.

“I have already given space for him [Mariano Nhongo] to surrender voluntarily. I won’t talk about it much anymore. I demand that you finish this dossier. We can’t have two wars in the country, that wears out our strength,” he said.

However, some people displaced by the terrorism in Cabo Delgado are hesitant about leaving the camps and returning to their homes despite the government urging them to. For example, seven women were kidnapped while working in their fields on Saturday afternoon near Nacate village, Macomia district.

Soldiers from the allied SADC Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) forces were mobilised to the area on Sunday in the hope of rescuing them. They were unable to find the women or their abductors.

The SADC Mission in Mozambique has been extended. The allied mandate supporting Mozambican efforts fighting the insurgency in the northern Cabo Delgado province was initially approved for three months and was due to expire this week.

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