Malawi: Ex Deputy Speaker of Parliament who shot himself buried

By Joseph Dumbula

Clement Chiwaya

Malawians were welcomed with shock at news that former deputy speaker of parliament Clement Chiwaya shot himself dead at the parliament building in full sight of some top officials.

There are however, mixed theories about reasons why he committed suicide.

Other theories suggest it was due to his status, use of a wheelchair, from a reported polio attack. But some also say it is due to the fact that parliament had not given him his benefits despite his continued push for the same.

Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara described Chiwaya as a selfless person who was determined in whatever he did.

“His contributions to the National Assembly are commendable and are there for everybody to appreciate. He was a man who only spoke when he had something to say,” Hara said.

As a politician, Chiwaya served in Parliament for three consecutive terms ending 2019.

According to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president for the Eastern Region Bright Msaka, Chiwaya was instrumental in cementing the relationship between DPP and United Democratic Front (UDF).

Chiwaya burial

“He believed in unity for people in the country, that is why he always wanted DPP and UDF to work together. We have lost a political pillar for the Eastern Region,” Msaka said.

Chiwaya who is survived by a wife and six children was born on 16 May 1971 and served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Mangochi Central for 15 years as a member of UDF.

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