High-level Norwegian delegation to promote Energy Security and Transition at African Energy Week

The African Energy Chamber is proud to announce the attendance of a high-level Norwegian delegation at the African Energy Week, taking place from 9 to 12 November 2021 in Cape Town. As one of the world’s largest energy exporters and a leader in the generation of renewable energy, Norway plays an important role in the global energy sector. With its diverse energy mix from conventional energy sources, as well as its strong footprint in renewable energy such as hydropower, Norway is a prime example that serves as a representation of successful diversification of a country’s energy mix.

The Norwegian delegation’s participation at the African Energy Week is expected to not only encourage a dialogue around renewable energy projects, but to foster a sustainable relationship between African investment opportunities and Norwegian investors. The delegation from Earth Wind and Power, Valinor, PetroNor and other Norwegian stakeholders will showcase opportunities of cooperation between Norway and Africa in Cape Town.

“We believe Digitalization will play an immense role in the ongoing African energy transition. We look forward to entering African markets and to finalize opportunities with high-level African delegations during the African Energy Week”, says co-founder of Earth Wind and Power, and former Minister of Justice and Public Security of Norway, Mrs. Ingvil Smines Tybing-Gjedde. Earth-Wind & Power offers energy companies an ESG solution for utilizing and repurposing flared gas and excess energy sources by positioning modular data center units at power production sites. Earth-Wind and Power is expected to sign various Letters of Intent during their visit to African Energy Week.

With a strong focus on African financing mechanisms that enhance both the oil and gas industry as well as the energy transition, African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town will be the platform where deals regarding Africa’s energy future will be made. The Norwegian delegation is committed to scaling up investment in Africa, promoting partnerships, regional collaboration, and multi-lateral financing mechanisms in energy sector development.

“Energy transition is one of the biggest challenges of our time. At Valinor, one of our focus areas is to alleviate energy poverty by promoting access to clean and reliable energy in the developing world, particularly in Africa. Our investments build sustainable African businesses within these fields, and we expect to make a strong impact with our African stakeholders”, concluded Lars Helge Helvig, Chairperson of Valinor.

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