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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission , ZEC takes time to recognise new emerging opposition MDC parties .

September 26, 2021

By Nevson Mpofu

Spokesperson for ZEC Joyce Kazembe

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has not yet recognised new political party , Citizens Convergent for Change , CCC . This is a new emerging political party  which is widely used by Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance . Another party , Zimbabwe Alliance for Movement Unity is yet to be registered as anticipated by MDC Alliance party .

Spokesperson for ZEC Joyce Kazembe said it is difficult to take recognition of the political party because they are not enough details provided upon notifying ZEC of its existence .

''ZEC does not register political parties  . It simply receive_ notifications upon formation of new political parties . The Commission received a notification from CCC political party , however since it was incomplete , its existence was not acknowledged .

'' There are no contact details like emails , phone numbers .It was impossible to acknowledge receipt upon notification of their existence''

The challenge still around is over the years there  are no regulations that define registration of political parties . Former ZEC Commissioner Qhubani Moyo contacted by Pan-African-Visions said there is a known and existing challenge to take note of .

''There is no law to register political parties in Zimbabwe .Political parties are not registered .All you do is to write to ZEC and specify , we are a political group  with such a name with full details'' .

''Thus why some have been advocating for political parties registration so that a party can be defined in terms of what constitutes political party's organic composition ''.

It has also been learn that there is another political party called Zimbabwe Alliance for Movement Unity , ZAMU. It is believed to be emerging from Chamisa group trying to confuse ZANU PF party . In Zimbabwe there is no definition of what constitutes a political party . Anyone can come up with a party and register . This is totally different with some countries  where you qualify only if you have registered members in some provinces around the country .

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