The Foundation for Democracy in Africa’s President, Fred Oladeinde calls on the Biden Administration and the US Congress to support Local Manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccine in African Countries.

Today, only 24 million people or 1.7% of Africa’s population has access to COVID-19 vaccines, says Fred Oladeinde
Washington, DCSeptember 22, 2021
Today, we call on President Joseph Biden and the US Congress to increase technology transfer and financial support for the local manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines across Africa because “Health is Wealth.”

According to Fred Oladeinde, “Today, only 24 million people or 1.7% of Africa’s population has access to COVID-19 vaccines, creating ‘Vaccine Poverty” and a threat to more than one billion people across Africa, particularly now – in the midst of the devastating Delta variant of COVID 19 across the globe.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a grave threat to food security and nutrition in Africa and could have long-term effects on the well-being of hundreds of millions of children and adults. The pandemic could potentially double the number of people suffering acute hunger, propelling the number of those hurting to 265 million by the end of 2021.

“To date, about $11.7 trillion or 12 percent of global GDP has been spent worldwide mostly by governments of rich nations to support health care delivery systems and provide lifelines to vulnerable households and businesses, while most of the citizens of cash-strapped nations suffer. We urgently need to address vaccine poverty challenges,” he said.

For more information please contact The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) on 202-331-1333, Email: or visit our website:

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