Terrorists escaping Cabo Delgado cause alarm in Kenya and Tanzania.

By Jorge Joaquim

Terrorists running away from Cabo Delgado province could be heading towards Tanzania and Kenya to escape the military operation against them in northern Mozambique, putting east African intelligence services on high alert.

Over the last week, terrorism-linked incidents took place in both countries and security experts believe they could be connected to insurgents who have fled Cabo Delgado.

Tanzania’s police commissioner for operations and training, Liberatus Sabas, said that the identity of the offender responsible for the shooting in the capital Dar es Salaam was still unknown, but he has not ruled out connections to the insurgent group.

On the other hand, authorities have identified six potential sources funding terrorist activities in Cabo Delgado province, website Carta de Moçambique reports.

According to Carta, out of the six funders, three are based in Tanzania and three in Mozambique.

Of those in Mozambique, two are said to be in the capital Maputo and another one in the city of Pemba, capital of Cabo Delgado. No further information on their identities or how they operate has been given so far.

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