Sierra Leone : As she Instills the hope…Law students’ set to vote for Armah Gladys Quist as Law Society President.

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

One of the leading contenders in the Law society Elections at Fourah Bay College, Armah Gladys Quist has said that if she is voted in as President together with her team she will deliver quality leadership and restore the glory of the department adding that she will be a servant-leader to all in order to bring the desired development the department needed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions online on Wednesday 1st September, she said that as President of the Law department, an all-level change will be experienced in her tenure stating that every student in the department will be part of the change irrespective of the year or the level emphasizing she will be a servant-leader working in the interest of Law students.

“ The areas for a quick response to the development of the law society are Digital library , Peer Review , FBC Human Rights Clinic , the re- introduction of the law society week, public lecture on law –related issues, moot court competition , internship scheme , departmental engagement to improving student-lecturer relationships,’’ she said, adding that there will be consultations and engagement with all level class representatives, whilst promoting the trait of equality, diversity and inclusion in her tenure.

Madam Gladys Armah Quist added that she will consistently and relentlessly represent the views and interests of all students especially the many challenges students in the Law department are facing in their academic pursuit thus she will be engaging in constructive dialogue with the university authorities to ameliorate some of their problems.

‘’ I am assuring all that the elections criteria are settled .The class registers of the various levels will be used and that makes every student eligible to vote as it is their franchise and as such I am encouraging all to exercise it , to bring the imminent change that the department craves . I want to ascertain that the elections will be peaceful and no need for any threat of any kind or what so ever. Your vote counts because you were counted to be on the quest with Team Armah.’’ Madam Quist said.

When asked on how she would engage with the university authorities on the challenges of class rooms in the Law department, she replied “I am part of the challenges of the department. I am very much aware of them. As a president who is experiencing such challenges, my executive after student’s consultation and engagement, will bring out resolutions and thereafter engage the administration on how we can immensely collaborate to undertake constructive and viable projects to ameliorate the department challenges. ’’

“In the area of class rooms we shall ensure that we secure classrooms at Tree Planting tentatively while we shall be unfolding our building project. My executive will have a bottom –top approach to facing our problems,’’ the Law Society Presidential hopeful lamented.

Asked on whether she misused any funds of the previous administration she replied” I can vividly tell you that I was part of the previous administration as financial secretary. I provided responsible, transparent and accountable leadership in managing the finances of the society. There are documents to the effect of proving or substantiating the baseless allegation of mismanagement. My leadership is an open one prone to public opinion. However I will continue to maintain accountable and transparent leadership no matter the unsubstantiated allegations. ’’

The Presidential hopeful called on her supporters and students of the Law department to come out in their hundreds on Friday to vote for team Armah stating that the wind of change is coming into the Law Society.

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