Rwandan refugees in Mozambique “terrified” after businessman killed

By Jorge Joaquim

All Rwandan refugees living in Mozambique are “terrified” after the recent killing of Rwandan businessman Revocat Karemangingo, the president of the Association of Rwandan Refugees in Mozambique has said.

Karemangingo was shot dead while returning by car to his home from his warehouse, according to the police.

Cleophas Habiyareme, the association’s president, said that Karemangingo had been targeted by the Rwandan government since an assassination attempt on him in 2016. There was an idea that he financed groups opposed to the Rwandan government, Habiyareme added.

“Since the Rwandan force in Cabo Delgado [province] arrived, we’ve been living in a situation of insecurity,” Cleophas Habiyareme said. “We were expecting this to happen at any moment.”

Karemangingo had been prominent in calling for fellow Rwandan political exile Cassien Ntamuhanga to be released. Ntamuhanga was abducted in Maputo in May, apparently by police, and has not been heard of since. The Mozambican police deny knowledge of the case.

This is the third incident this year involving Rwandan refugees in Mozambique, after the abduction of Ntamuhanga in, and an attempt to kill the association’s secretary and his brother less than a month ago.

“The Mozambican state will not accept that this situation continues”, Habiyareme said, expressing confidence that Mozambique would protect Rwandan refugees.

However, he added that he was “completely down” and that Rwandans would continue to flee if they could not be protected there.

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