Rwandan army chief urges troops in Mozambique to keep the momentum.

By Jorge Joaquim

The chief of staff of the Rwandan army, Mubarakh Muganga, has urged Rwandan troops helping Mozambique to fight terrorists in Cabo Delgado province to “keep the momentum and continue to be good ambassadors of Rwanda”.

Muganga landed in Cabo Delgado for a four-day visit to monitor the activities of Rwandan troops in northern Mozambique.

He was welcomed yesterday by the commander of Rwandan troops in Mozambique, Innocent Kabandana, in the district of Mocímboa da Praia, where he was briefed about the progress of military operations against the insurgents.

On the other hand, the terroristas continue to kill civilians despite claims that security has been restored in Cabo Delgado.

Seven people have been killed in the village of Tapara, Quissanga district, by terrorists on the run from Rwandan and Mozambican government troops. Another five people were killed last week by insurgents in the village of Namaluco, also in Quissanga.

The killings come despite reassurances by the general commander of the Mozambican police, Bernardino Rafael, that security has been restored in the district.

The insurgents were allegedly on the run after their bases, in the administrative post of Mbau, were attacked by Mozambican and Rwandan government forces. The killings happened just as Rafael urged refugees to return to Quissanga.

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