Managing Partner at ASAFO & Co (U.S.) Jude Kearney to Drive Strong Discussions on International Project Financing and the Role of American Companies in Africa at African Energy Week in Cape Town.

With a focus on enhancing international financing solutions for African oil and gas projects, Jude Kearney is committed to Africa’s energy growth, and will promote oil, gas, and foreign investment at African Energy Week in Cape Town. 

Jude Kearney

Managing Partner at ASAFO & Co U.S. LLP, Jude Kearney has been confirmed as a speaker at African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town (9-12 November), where he will promote African-directed capital expenditure, oil and gas investment, and international transactions. Based in the U.S. and with extensive experience in African markets, Kearny will enhance the discussion on African financing solutions, bringing new ideas and insights, and emphasizing the role that U.S. companies will play in African markets. 

While sizeable oil and gas discoveries are continually being made across the African continent, the COVID pandemic and other international monetary pressures mean that all emerging markets, including Africa, must continually compete for foreign capital, seeking a mix of financing solutions to kick start development and accelerate economic growth. Kearney has emerged as a pioneer in finding solutions to these issues, focusing his practice exclusively on advising public and private sector clients with respect to African based transactions. With experience in oil and gas, project finance, mergers and acquisitions and privatizations across the African continent, Kearney will drive a strong discussion on international project financing, promoting the role that U.S. financial companies will play in accelerating African developments and ensuring energy project success. 

Kearney works directly with U.S. and African clients within the energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, and finance fields, providing counsel on commercial relationships and the relation to international markets. By participating at AEW 2021 in Cape Town, Kearney will introduce new partnerships and commercial relationships between U.S. and African stakeholders, enhancing capital channels and driving energy expansion across Africa. With global capital expenditure gradually increasing in a post-COVID-19 landscape, there has been an increase in U.S. interest within African markets. By promoting the role of foreign financing institutions and the lucrative oil and gas opportunities in Africa, Kearney is committed to African energy growth. 

“Jude Kearney’s participation at AEW 2021 in Cape Town will be significant for African stakeholders looking to expand their networks internationally. Focused on Africa’s development, Kearney is committed to improving capital channels, advising intra-Africa and U.S.-Africa transactions, and promoting a range of financing mechanisms for emerging energy markets. Kearney will be a valuable contributor to the discussion on Africa’s energy future in Cape Town, and we look forward to his presentation at AEW 2021,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman at the African Energy Chamber. 

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