Enhancing Global-African Financing Channels: AEW to Emphasize Oil and Gas Investment and Multilateral Financing Solutions with Diverse Speaker Panel.

African Energy Week in Cape Town will host a strong Africa-focused discussion on the continent’s energy transformation, driven by speakers Ezekiel Adesina, Karl Rheinberger, Paul Eardley Taylor, and Jens Thomassen.

African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 has placed making energy poverty history at the forefront of the event’s agenda, providing a platform for a strong, Africa-focused and industry driven conversation on how the continent can utilize its significant oil, gas and renewable resources to accelerate socio-economic growth. At the center of this discussion are recently confirmed speakers Ezekiel Adesina, Head of Strategy and Planning, Nigeria LNG Limited; Karl Rheinberger, Managing Director, Emerging Energy Corporation; Paul Eardley Taylor, Head of Oil and Gas, Standard Bank; and Jens Thomassen, Partner, A.P. Moller Capital. With the aim of promoting the advancements of energy solutions for Africa, and Africa-directed investment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these speakers will be integral in any decision regarding Africa’s energy future.

AEW 2021 believes in the role the African energy sector will play in accelerating socio-economic growth continent-wide. As the world progresses into a post-COVID-19 environment, and global capital expenditure gradually increases, African energy stakeholders are committed to driving foreign investment into new and existing energy projects, positioning the continent on a direct path to energy security and economic development. In pursuit of this, and as a speaker at Africa’s premier energy event in Cape Town, Adesina will enhance the conversation on the role of natural gas in Africa’s energy future, promoting gas-directed investment with the aim of fast-tracking development. Representing Nigeria LNG Limited – an entity set up by the government of Nigeria to accelerate natural gas utilization and monetization – Adesina is a strong advocate for the use of gas in Africa, promoting the role of natural gas in the energy transition, and pushing for increased gas-direct investment. Adesina will enhance a discussion on strategic investments, proposing methods and solutions to accelerating progress in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, as Managing Director of Emerging Energy Corporation – an investment firm dedicated to creating growth in the African energy sector and related infrastructure – Rheinberger is focused on enhancing capital solutions in African markets. The company has a mandate to build local capacity and create well-paid jobs, while attracting foreign partners to invest and help diversify African economies, aiming to deliver market-leading returns for their investors. By promoting the role of foreign companies in financing African energy projects, and setting the stage for increased dialogue between African and global partners, Rheinberger will drive a strong African growth-oriented conversation in Cape Town.

Similarly, Eardley Taylor, as a representative of Standard Bank, is committed to improving and enhancing financing solutions for the African oil and gas sector. Responsible for Standard Bank’s oil and gas activities in Southern Africa, his 20 years of corporate and investment banking experience position him as an ideal participant in the discussion surrounding African investment. At AEW 2021 in Cape Town, Eardley Taylor will significantly enhance the conversation on the role of oil and gas, providing a strong case for the value of hydrocarbon investments in Africa and pushing for the continent’s energy and economic transformation.

Finally, with a passion to enable Africa to grow and develop, so that energy poverty is alleviated on a continent-wide scale, Thomassen is committed to accelerating investment across Africa and in multiple sectors. A.P. Moller Capital’s motto is ‘private capital for the public good’, and in line with this notion, Thomassen will come to Cape Town, promoting the role of private investors in accelerating Africa’s energy sector development. Having made significant investments in West Africa, in particular, the company is focused on expanding their portfolio, and Thomassen will drive this objective at AEW 2021 in Cape Town, engaging with critical partners across the continent.

“AEW 2021’s speaker lineup is truly magnificent, and the event is well positioned to enable effective energy poverty alleviation by enhancing energy sector investments. Representatives from global investment companies such as Standard Bank, A.P. Moller Capital, Emerging Energy Corporation and Nigeria LNG Limited will significantly enhance the discussion on African investment, promoting the role of global financiers and international stakeholders in driving Africa’s energy growth. Africa needs hydrocarbons, and our resources need investment to be fully utilized and monetized. This presents a fundamental opportunity for global partners and AEW 2021 will be the place for the international community to meet with African opportunities,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

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