Call for independent inquiry into killing of Rwandan refugee in Mozambique

By Jorge Joaquim

The president of the Association of Rwandan Refugees in Mozambique has called for an independent commission to be set up to investigate the murder of a prominent Rwandan refugee in Mozambique last week.

Revocat Karemangingo was shot dead on 13 September when two cars blocked his car as he was driving home through the city of Matola.

The president, Cleophas Habiyareme, said he also wanted the same commission to investigate the disappearance of Rwandan journalist Cassien Ntamuhanga  in May, as well as an attempt to kidnap the association’s secretary.

“These are three cases that occurred within the same community. Here we have four large refugee communities; Rwandans, Burundians, Congolese and Somalis; but the only one that is doing badly, suffering kidnapping, disappearance, death, is the Rwandan community,” he said.

Habiyareme said that Karemangingo had been persecuted by the Rwandan government of president Paul Kagame since 2016, and had survived an earlier assassination attempt. Police said they were still investigating the murder.

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