Seven Comoro dead after their boat capsizes in the Indian Ocean near Kenya.

By Samuel Ouma

A boat ferrying 15 Comoros nationals capsized in the Indian Ocean at the Kenyan Coast, killing seven people and injuring eight others.

The fisherman spotted the devastated boat floating in the ocean and informed the Kenya Coast Guard on Monday evening of August 9, 2021.

“I received a report from fishermen who had gone fishing at the North Kenya bank that they came across a boat which was floating at sea without an engine and it had 8 passengers who were unconscious,” said Kenya Coast Guard from Lamu BMU chairperson Osman Mwambire.

According to Osman Mwambire, the boat whose engine is said to have dropped into the ocean was towed to Watamu, and the survivors rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Kenyan authorities discovered that the boat was transporting the 15 alleged to be from one family from one island to another in Comoros when strong waves struck it.

One of the survivors disclosed that they have been stuck in the board for 22 days and have been surviving on water.

They had carried food that could last them only for a single day.

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