Secretary General arrives in Congo – Brazzaville, marking OPEC’s first historic state visit to a regional oil giant.

Welcomed by hydrocarbons minister, H.E. Bruno Jean Richard Itoua, Secretary General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mohammed Barkindo arrived in Congo-Brazzaville on 22 August 2021, marking OPEC’s first historical state visit to the recent member state.

Aimed at driving growth and development in the energy sector, the working state visit backed by the African Energy Chamber draws great anticipation to demonstrating the country’s potential for hydrocarbon sector. 

“This is not only a state visit, this is a homecoming. I am happy to be here in Brazzaville and I am hoping that the leadership of Congo will continue moving forward in the same positive direction, because the success of the Congo is our success.” said Barkindo.

H.E. Mohammed Barkindo’s role in the global energy industry is one to be recognised and to look forward to as discussions about Congo’s impactful role in further positioning itself as a global oil and gas exporter within the industry accelerate.

H.E. Mohammed Barkindo’s state visit will comprise site visits to the national oil company, Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (SNPC), the headquarters of the APPO, a platform in Pointe-Noire as well as meetings with oil companies present in the country. 

As Africa journeys towards making poverty history by 2030, this state visit further amplifies this regional oil giant’s position in accrediting African nations as a key destination for economic growth and empowerment discussions. The African Energy Chamber is proud to be working with OPEC members in further facilitating OPEC’s agenda to enhance industry activity through meaningful partnerships that continue to accelerate participation of African voices in driving energy and economic growth. 

*African Energy Chamber

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