Mozambique: Hope returning to gas rich province of Cabo Delgado

By Jorge Joaquim

Military advances in Cabo Delgado province are bringing hope that needs to be matched with hope for economic development, the Catholic bishop of Pemba has said.

“Lately, Cabo Delgado has had a generalised feeling of fear, and people with ideas of investing or who were investing in small things, had become discouraged,” António Juliasse Sandramo said.

“But now, I can say that everyone has hope. I ask for the agency which was created for the development of the north to work quickly so that, with the signs of hope at the military level, there also are signs that give hope for wellbeing here in the north of the country.”

At least 33 terrorists were killed when government forces recaptured the town of Mocímboa da Praia, army commander Cristóvão Chume said on Thursday, while none of the government troops got “even a scratch”.

The main battles came at villages on the way to Mocímboa da Praia, like Awasse, Quelimane, Maputo, Mumu and Tchinga.“When we took these positions that served as a buffer zone, the enemy realised he had no alternative than to get out of here,” Chume said, speaking to reporters in Mocímboa.

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