Ghana:President Akufo-Addo Will Hand Over Power To Another NPP Gov’t Peacefully– Vice President Bawumia.

By Maxwell Nkansah

Vice President Dr Mahamudu has noted that his boss, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is determined to hand over power to another government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2024 election

He described that desire of Mr Akufo-Addo as absolute hence; the president is working tirelessly to ensure his government succeeds over the next four years.

Speaking at a TESCON conference in Cape on Saturday August 7, he said “Breaking the 8 is a political pursuit that requires us to gird our loins together, build a strong Party and deliver competently on our mandate.


According to him they saw elections 2020 and the affirmative verdict of the Ghanaian people on their first term performance. It was a victory and endorsement of the competent work they have done in their first term. Lamented that they have begun their second term in a build-up on what they did in the first term. He said the 2020 manifesto indicated, this term will see to the consolidation of the many laudable initiatives they undertook in the first term, many of which have led to solutions that have never been seen since independence.

The vice president expressed his excitement to address the students in such an important and unique conference. Addressing them, he said during the last four and half years they have had various engagements with the TESCON fraternity in diverse ways either at campuses, fora, meetings or conferences, and he think the largest of the gatherings was the 20th anniversary celebration in Ho in the Volta region. 

According to Dr Bawumai the uniqueness of this conference is that it is the first time all TESCON members of a region are meeting to brainstorm and strategize for the forward march of the Party. What is strikingly inspiring today is the fact that the conference is focused on how the party can together break the 8 year cyclical phenomenon of political leadership of the fourth republic.

Further stated that, his office has been working very closely with the National Youth Wing and TESCON and then he will continue to keep this relationship and make it even stronger. He said their tradition undoubtedly is the only one that has stood the test of time and is arguably the top party in the country. They have seemed their collective pursuits over the years with low and high moments, long years in opposition, particularly during the PNDC/NDC era. Even in those days they never shifted from their ideologies and welfares center right philosophical stance.

There are families of the elephant breed. They walk through the deserts and forests aware of the hazards and challenges. But no obstacle or animal is bigger than them that they cannot overcome.

He stated that the tertiary students’ wing of the Party, now TESCON, has been very pivotal in all our election since 1992. TESCON members have played several roles in their electioneering campaigns from advocacy, polling agents, researchers, strategists, and many more.In government, they have had some of their excelling appointees as former TESCON members. Increasingly, TESCON is becoming the pool of talents for both the Party and Government has acknowledging the significant contribution of TESCON to the progress of Party and Government, they should not forget that TESCON must be appropriately rewarded for their commitment, sacrifices, and tenacity.

The vice president then said gathering here is not dreaming that the Break the 8 mantra will end as one of the platitudes in politics. It rather calls for a united party that rises above pettiness, rancor, selfishness, and any other associated intra-party vices. Breaking the 8 is a political pursuit that requires us to gird their loins together, build a strong Party and deliver competently on our mandate. Thankfully, they are led by a commander-in-chief, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and in fact he is the commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, whose passion and determination to hand over power to an NPP president in 2025 is absolute. He said that is why they see the president working tirelessly to make sure they succeed as a government and Party.

Further stated that they have implemented some bold policy initiatives and fixed quite a number of things that needed fixing. In fact, we have fixed many things in the country and we are fixing more. By implementing free SHS education for every qualified Ghanaian child we have fixed problems and provided relief to parents and guardians from the agony, shame and indignity of being unable to pay for their ward’s education, and set our teenagers on life-changing path.By bringing an end to dumsor and at the same time cumulatively reducing electricity prices for all Ghanaians we have fixed the woes of households and enterprises, be they cold stores or vulcanizing.

By undertaking the banking sector clean-up exercise, we have fixed the problem of depositors losing their life time savings.

By restoring the teacher and nursing trainees allowances we have fixed parts of their daily education hurdles.They are fixing unemployment with jobs for our youth including unemployed university graduates.

They have unfrozen the freeze on recruitment into the public sector, and implemented NABCO to create even more employment opportunities. By providing an ambulance to each constituency we have fixed the problem of an injured farmer or pregnant woman due for labor in Mankesim, Saboba, Asante Akim, Bomaa or Sogakope who hitherto could not have access to the emergency service of an ambulance.


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