Ghana:Alleged Covid-19 Tests At Kia By Woman Fake – Former Minister Of Health, Dr Okoe Boye

By Maxwell Nkansah

The Former minister of health, Dr Okoe Boye debunks woman alleging Covid 19 tests at Kotoka International Airport (KIA). According to the former lawmaker, Ghana is a sovereign country and government of Ghana knows how to contain the spread of the virus.

In respond to a video circulating on the social media about fake covid test at the airport, Dr Okoe said, once upon a time the airport was closed due to the high spread of the virus which was brought into the country by travellers. He further stated that due to request of Ghanaian wanting to return to the country, government of Ghana then decided to re-open the airport for citizens who are willing to return into the country. According to him, agreement was made for the covid task force at the airport to put measures in place to be able to test everybody who comes into the country.

He lamented that the testing practice since has been in existence for more than one year, and so anyone who tested negative before boarding doesn’t mean he or he may not test positive on arrival.

In a post on Facebook he said, “I just saw the video of the lady, whose outburst about Ghana’s COVID-19 protocols went viral a few days ago, apologizing for what she did. Some asked me to demand a personal apology, others suggest I sue her. As a person who follows Christ and believes in the Omnipotence of God, I immediately let go of ALL my reservations about a fellow human being once he or she says sorry. Remember there is none righteous, no, not even one; for he who claims infallibility knows not the Lord. What I gave back to my sister is the smile, knowing that as public servants, we ought to keep listening, reflecting and most importantly smiling no matter how sweet or sour the comments are. This COVID-19 too shall pass sooner than…”

Dr Oko Boye therefore asked people not to take the said in the video seriously and therefor asked them to learn how to respect and stop making such false allegations. He then condemns the claims of people benefiting from the covid-19 test at the airport.

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