Cape Verde:Alex Saab files criminal complaint against José Landim, Natalino Correia and Judiciary Police inspectors.

The defence team of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab who has been imprisoned for over a year in Sal awaiting the outcome of an extradition process to the United States, has filed formal complaints against the Republic’s Attorney General, José Landim, at the Cape Verdean Public Prosecutor’s Office, Regional Prosecutor, Natalino Correia and Judiciary Police inspectors Domingos de Pina and Maurício Monteiro, for crimes allegedly committed against their client.

According to the document that has already been lodged with the Attorney General’s Office, the accusations against the four defendants relate, in general terms, to an extensive violation and disrespect for the diplomat’s rights, and from them it results, according to the lawyers, that such rights “were not respected, nor were the guarantees of a fair and equitable process respected”.

According to the defence team, the circumstances set out in the complaints are quite “deep and insidious” and relate to the “outright and reprehensible violation of a set of principles by those who, in fact, had the duty to be their main custodian”, hence the lawyers’ request that “criminal proceedings be instituted against those involved”.

They are accused of several crimes allegedly committed against Alex Saab, namely “common assault (…), torture and cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment (…), theft of personal property, abuse of power (…) , attack against foreign authorities (…), passive corruption (…) and kidnapping”.

All these crimes are typified in the Cape Verdean Penal Code, according to Alex Saab’s defence team, which requires the Venezuelan diplomat to be admitted as a civil party to the proceedings and for him to be heard in respect of the accusations made.

Alex Saab’s defence team, which demands a “detailed investigation” of all charges, and “that all investigative procedures that can unearth and establish the material truth of the facts” are carried out, also gives notice that it is the plaintiff’s intention to “lodge claims for civil damages against those involved”.

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